Power Up Wednesday~Expand Your Business In 2022

Greg Moody:

All right. Well, we’re here for Power Up Wednesday Workshop. And I’m Greg Moody. And we got Tracy Thomas here.

Tracy Thomas:

Hey, sorry about that. I had a little glitch, a frozen screen.

Greg Moody:

Yeah. We’re getting started with our first one of 2022, and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody.

Tracy Thomas:

Yeah. We’re excited about the Power Up Wednesday workshops. And anybody, I mean, that are on here now and the ones that’ll be receiving this, if you subscribe to it, you’re going to be getting this. There’s three versions of it, basically. You can get it in the audio, the video, or transcribed into a blog where you can read. So, it’s however you want to look at it, view it, listen to it, or read it.

So, today, we’re going to be talking about three topics, actually we’ll be talking about three topics just about every time. But one of the things, we had a questionnaire that went out to a bunch of business owners. And some of the issues we had, or that I should say the business owners had, they wanted us to ask for some solutions. They asked for some solutions to some of the problem solving issues with strategies and tactics that they were having, Greg. And I think it’s really interesting because a lot of them were right up our alley and what we were going to be talking about this time. So, it really covered the website to the marketing and business.

So, the first one we’d like to talk about a little bit is the websites and what you need to do in 2022. And those topics are everything from landing pages to buying funnels, and then the call to actions and offers, which a lot of you out there are asking, what’s the best offer, what’s the best call to action? And really, I think Greg, that the biggest issue they have right now is what needs to go on their landing page.

And in 2022, we know that, obviously the term SEO and searches optimization, I think it scares people, but at the same time you get so many different mixed messages out there. You got everything from GoDaddy sites, to Wix sites, to these do it yourself sites, that just, they don’t perform as well as online. And they’re not optimized. And I think the people that are, we can see some of the people that are emailing us on that survey and asking some of those questions, you guys had a different type of site. It’s a do it yourself site. It’s not in the same ballpark as a marketing platform. And we’ll talk a little bit about that. But Greg, if you want to add any notes on that, that’s one of the biggest concerns we’re seeing out there regarding to the question they’re asking about landing pages.

Greg Moody:

Yeah. I mean, I think we get a lot of different business owners talking to us. And one group of business owners tries to get really involved, and maybe build their own site or try to get really connected into the tactical part of the work. And the problem on that side is, is that it’s more technical than you probably should be spending time with. If you’re a doctor or a lawyer, or a chiropractor, or a martial arts schooler, we work with a lot of those, or an HVAC company owner, or any of those types of business, any business really, you should be an expert at your business. And to be an expert at a lot of the technical parts of things like online marketing is, it’s a full time job. So, it’s great if you’re involved. And we want to make sure you’re educated enough so that you know enough about the marketing that you’re spending money on.

We definitely want to make sure that you understand it. However, for you to be an expert at it, enough to be effective, is more time than you should be spending. You should be delegating a lot of that work.

 And then there’s another group of owners that don’t want to know anything about it. And they just abdicate to all these people that are selling them things that they hear like SEO, or Facebook marketing, or other things. So, there’s another group of business owners that abdicate all their work. And what you need to be able to do is get the sweet spot in between there, so that you’re delegating and outsourcing as much marketing as you possibly can, as much of your business as you possibly can, but still be doing the stuff that’s really important to you.

So, I guess to go along with what you were saying, Tracy, is we see people that have their website, for example, truly, the fundamental part of what their business market is going to be and what they outreach to their customers nowadays, because everybody is using their cell phone or their computer, or their digital devices to communicate with people. And they build a do it yourself website, or they spend very little money to have their website built. And it ends up being really effective, is their base tool for what they’re using, rather than having a professional company like RedMark, or even like another professional company build their website and do things right.

So, you have to understand enough. And what we’ll hopefully help you with today is understanding enough, so that you can do that correctly and outsource it correctly, and understand what you’re getting into and understand what’s really going on in 2022, rather than try to take on that job yourself, which you really can’t handle that job yourself, even if you’ve got a technical background.

 And so, we get a lot of questions, like what’s the best offer? What’s the best way to do SEO? And that’s such a broad question. And it’s such a big question, that it’s not just a black and white answer, a really quick answer that we can give you in two seconds.

Tracy Thomas:

Yeah. Good valid points there. And for you guys there listening or watching right now, understand that on the landing page, the common error we see on the landing page is there’s no way of, a lot of you don’t have a way of in everybody’s objective and what they’re doing in a business versus service and product might be somewhat different. You might be trying to sell a product or a service online. You might be just looking for a lead generation. There’s a lot of options out there. But for the most part, you need a way to somehow capture that lead or sell them right there. And that’s above the fold. And when we refer above the fold, it’s basically the bottom of your screen. So, you want that call to action offer, which we’re going to talk about here in a second, a little bit more in detail, but you need that basically to be above the fold.

Now, there’s a lot of theories out there that you can get your clients engaged, or just say your visitors engaged on a website, and may basically get drop them in that buying funnel, if you will. And this all plays a role. And then determining where the top of the funnel, or the middle of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel, where you’re going to be selling them, or what you’re going to be offering them at different points of the funnel. And we’ll talk a little bit about that right now.

But basically in the landing page, you need to look at a couple things. One is, if you’re pulling up your website right now, you want to have make sure your phone number is at the top of your page. Is your phone number at the top of the page? Is it easily accessible? And don’t just look it on your computer. So, whether you have a laptop, a desktop, make sure you’re looking at least one of those, and then as well as do you want to look at mobile? What does your mobile device show? Do you have a phone number that’s really easy for them? Now, it might not just be the phone number. It might just show the phone, the icon, but you need that at the very top of the page. And in some cases for some businesses, they need it several times throughout the website in different pages, and where that’s at.

Greg Moody:

To add onto the point there, when you’re saying several times, and for some businesses, what you got to understand is when we’re working with the business, we test these things and we design these things, specifically for that kind of business. There’s some businesses that you need it in multiple places, and some that you don’t. It just depends on the type of business, and the heat map that we run for the website. And these are pretty, I’m not saying they’re overly technical, you couldn’t understand them as the business owner, but you do need to understand them. But these, it’s more of a job, than a lot of times we get asked that question of where should we put the phone number? Well, it depends. It depends on the particular type of business and how the customer is reacting to where the phone number is located on your page and how they’re responding to you. And that can make a double or triple, or four times, or 10 times response on your way website. It’s a massive difference.

Tracy Thomas:

Yeah, Greg, why don’t you cover while you’re at it, and let you just take that lead. When you’re at it, why don’t you talk a little bit about the confusion with the eyes of the business owner saying, “Oh, I like the site.” But then Google is saying, “Oh, the site needs to do this based off analytics, A/B split testing, heat mapping.” There’s so much involved with that, the average to do it yourself. You just can’t do in that efficiency that you were talking about, that percentage. I mean, we’ve seen people increase their site by 350%, just go into a well built landing page.


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