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  Oldest Bottle of Wine Wine Notes: Go2 Winery   Wine is generally known to grow better with age. With the recent discovery of one of the oldest wine samples in northern Greece, you’d stop to wonder how good it would be if it was well-preserved enough to try. Evidence of wine being made and Read More

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Wine Storage – What Options Do You Have Wine Notes: Go2 Winery Wine storage is a critical component of the process of manufacturing and consuming wine. If you are a wine connoisseur, you would understand how important it is to store wine at the correct temperature, humidity, and under the required amount of light. Here Read More

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Which Wine Glass to Choose Wine Notes: Go2 Winery     A variety of wine glass options differing in type of glass, size of cup, length of stem, and most importantly material used, are available for everyday or special occasions these days.   It is very important to pick a wine glass that complements your Read More

Health Benefits of Wine Every year, we get to read about new studies that test how healthy wine is for the human body. However, it is often difficult to tell which studies are accurate. A study conducted by the American Heart Association suggests that wine, when consumed in moderation, can lead to a range of Read More

Marketing Terms and Trends   Marketing is an intricate process. It involves the creation of product or service value through effective communication with the consumer, and thereby creating a market for the product. Marketing has become a huge enterprise and a field that requires careful study, expertise and a well founded marketing plan. The following Read More

Host a Wine and Food Pairing Party By Go2 Winery   Wine and cheese parties have been done to death. If you want to stand out from the crowd and impress your friends, you need to have food and wine pairing parties. If you are a wine lover, you can show off your food and Read More

  Famous Historic WinemakersBy Go2 Winery Wine is as old as time itself. Wine’s history spans across thousands of years. The earliest evidence of winemaking was found in China, as far back as 7000 BC. In 2004, researchers discovered pottery with wine remnants that dated back over 9000 years. Fermentation and wine cultivation was also Read More

Chile: Wine History and Wine Regions By Go2 Winery   Situated in warmer climates, Chile is lucky to have climates that are well suited for bountiful grape harvests. With warm summers, moderate rainfall and cool coastal breezes, Chile is home to an interesting variety of vineyards and wine regions. Chilean wines are known for their Read More

European Wine History and Wine Regions By Go2 Winery   As soon as one mentions wine, Europe is the continent that everyone thinks of. Specifically, France is the country that comes to our minds first when someone talks about wine. This is because European countries have a vast and rich history associated to wine. This Read More

Portuguese Wine History and Wine Regions Wine making in Portugal dates as far back as the 2000 BC, when vines were planted in the country’s Tagus and Sado valleys by the Tartessians. In the 10th century BC, the Phoenician settlers in Portugal started cultivating different varieties of wine for different flavors. Around that time, winemaking Read More