Rants on Social Media and Marketing

Greg Moody:

All right. So it’s Greg Moody and Tracy Thomas here, we’re going to rant on social media and marketing today. We were just talking about this before we started the podcast, Tracy.

Tracy Thomas:

Yeah, and I’d like to welcome everybody and we’re excited about talking about this because it isn’t the doom and gloom that everybody thinks it is or maybe it could be for some of you that are only strictly utilizing some of these Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp app. It just depends what you’re doing out there. Greg, we see it all the time, people focus on something that’s successful and sometimes they forget to get out in different areas when it comes to marketing. This topic we’re talking about is for business owners, who do you want to get in front of and maybe Greg, let’s talk a little bit about how they get in front of people.

Greg Moody:

Well, I think we get a lot of confusion in the business, between the two of us, we probably talked to a hundred people in the last three weeks, two weeks. We talk to so many people per week and there’s so much confusion for the average business owner on whether or not they should be doing Facebook, and we did a podcast on this a while ago, social media marketing, AdWords marketing, Google marketing, they call it. They don’t know what name to call it, whether they should be doing SEO and we try to help everybody understand the whole picture so they can make really informed decisions because as a business owner, you don’t really have a good way to make informed decisions. It’s really a full-time job in all of these different areas to be good at it.

We have full-time experts working with us that do a brilliant job of each of these categories, but I think for a business owner, it’s really hard for them to buy the right kind of marketing and subcontract and outsource the right kind of marketing, which is what they should be doing and do it intelligently. In social media right now in the news, and right now we’re in October of 2021, there’s all kinds of stuff going on in the news about social media and how it’s not potentially private, it’s not safe and there’s all kinds of articles going on. We could be talking about this in 2022 in October or 2025 in October, I guarantee there’s always going to be some changing and shifting in the way online marketing or marketing landscape is going to be, and it happens faster and faster all the time. I think it’s really frustrating for business owners to try to deal with that on a regular basis.

Tracy Thomas:

No, and I totally agree. I think what you just said is like when you mentioned the landscape, people have to understand that you have a small piece of real estate online as far as what you’re using for marketing and that little small piece of real estate there’s all these branches of real estate out there that you could be utilizing. Facebook’s just one of them, you hear the topics on the news every day about Whistleblower, is that putting fear into the consumers? Absolutely, is it legitimately correct on some of it? Probably, we don’t really know. All we can tell you right now is what or not we know is security is going to get tougher and tougher as it goes along.

That means that Greg and I as marketers, we want to have information that we can use to send people emails, just like you as business owners, and send people text messages. In some of these situations, applications, some of you with the cell phones and all the mobile devices, everybody’s getting tougher and secure and giving you guys more options to do everything out there. The problem is, how do we deliver that message? How do you deliver your message right now? So some of these business owners right now, you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, because you’re really unsure what to do because you went all in on Facebook.

We know that you’re losing tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousand in some cases, we know people that are losing millions of dollars with the ads and how do we handle that? So, Greg, maybe we talk a little bit about right now, we know that we have to talk a little bit about this isn’t the end of marketing, this is the beginning of a new era. Let’s talk a little bit about that phone book. What do we do go back in the phone book days?


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