2020 is going to be the year of personalized marketing. Consumers are tuning out generic ads that have no real connection to them. Traditional means of advertising are becoming much less effective. So, what can be done? Personalize it! Most people have found personalization appealing. More important for your business is the fact that almost Read More

   Become who you are   We, humans, are social animals. Everything that we do is interconnected. As such, there’s always a pressure to do well relative to the society. Peer and social pressure can determine the way we live our lives. This, in turn, affects our ability to take control of our lives. We Read More

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  Oldest Bottle of Wine Wine Notes: Go2 Winery   Wine is generally known to grow better with age. With the recent discovery of one of the oldest wine samples in northern Greece, you’d stop to wonder how good it would be if it was well-preserved enough to try. Evidence of wine being made and Read More

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Wine Storage – What Options Do You Have Wine Notes: Go2 Winery Wine storage is a critical component of the process of manufacturing and consuming wine. If you are a wine connoisseur, you would understand how important it is to store wine at the correct temperature, humidity, and under the required amount of light. Here Read More

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Which Wine Glass to Choose Wine Notes: Go2 Winery     A variety of wine glass options differing in type of glass, size of cup, length of stem, and most importantly material used, are available for everyday or special occasions these days.   It is very important to pick a wine glass that complements your Read More

Health Benefits of Wine Every year, we get to read about new studies that test how healthy wine is for the human body. However, it is often difficult to tell which studies are accurate. A study conducted by the American Heart Association suggests that wine, when consumed in moderation, can lead to a range of Read More

Marketing Terms and Trends   Marketing is an intricate process. It involves the creation of product or service value through effective communication with the consumer, and thereby creating a market for the product. Marketing has become a huge enterprise and a field that requires careful study, expertise and a well founded marketing plan. The following Read More

  Online Marketing Is In!By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U Inc. Online marketing has become an essential part of the world’s economic progress. In the relatively short time online marketing has been matching customers with sellers, it has become perhaps the most reliable marketing tool ever developed. Early on, many well-established businesses viewed online Read More

    An Attitude of Success By Go2 Karate  In order to be successful in life, you need to have the correct attitude. An attitude which projects success is essential to accomplish your goals. A positive attitude is essential to attain long-term success. Having a successful attitude will be reflected in your business endeavors too. Read More

Business Brand and Identity   The vision you have for your business and the way you present your business to the world is your identity. Businesses cannot sustain without a brand name in the market and industry because that’s how they are recognized. In other words, a business is identified by its “brand image.” This Read More